Why is it worth watching the webinar

  • You will learn how much you will reduce costs by employing IT specialists from Poland
  • You will find out about the benefits of working with Polish specialists.
  • You will meet people who will help you find IT specialists in the country that is most centrale in Europe.
  • You will learn how to search for IT specialists in Poland and how to cooperate with them on a daily basis.
  • The webinar “Reduce IT costs with IT specialists from Poland” is a proposal for managers from outside Poland who want to know how to hire IT specialists from Poland step by step.

Our experts

Claire Trinh

She helps companies around the world find the right developers and teams for their businesses

She works at RITS (Relyon IT Services) as the Director of International Business. Her role at RITS is to handle all aspects of international client relations with the company as well as further business within foreign markets. She works with e-commerce, banking and finance, insurance, healthcare, architectural planning, education and Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) companies, helping them find the right developers and teams for their companies.

Paweł Olejniczak

For 10 years he has specialized in hiring IT specialists

For over 12 years he has been associated with the IT industry, and for 10 years he has been closely specializing in the outsourcing of IT services and solutions. He worked now at RITS (Reylon IT Services) at the beginning of 2020 as VP Sales and is responsible for the group’s sales strategy. Previously, he worked in the structures of companies such as Billennium or Sii, which are closely related to the area of IT outsourcing.

Watch the webinar

Reduce IT costs with IT specialists from Poland

Why choose IT specialists from Poland?

hand, thumb, sign IT specialists employed from Poland are cheaper than their Western colleagues

hand, thumb, sign Poland is the top of the world rankings in terms of the qualifications of IT specialists with significantly lower labor costs (HackerRank, A.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index)

hand, thumb, sign Poland has an IT infrastructure and data security at a level comparable to that of Western countries, such as the United States or European Union countries.

hand, thumb, sign Poland shares cultural similarities with Western countries.

hand, thumb, sign Poland has good universities that educat highly qualified IT specialists.

hand, thumb, sign English launguage is taught from kindergarten or primary school.

According to the Kearney Global Services Location Index, which analyzes the potential for providing information technology (IT) and business process outsourcing (BPO), Poland is one of the best places to locate outsourcing. The business services sector in Poland has several centers and a large number of Poles who have worked abroad, which makes it very adaptable to the client’s needs. The location in a favorable time zone, combined with minor cultural differences, ensure very good communication, which is appreciated by such concerns as HP, Roche, Accenture or Discovery, which have located their IT centers in Poland.

What will we talk about during the online meeting?

Where do the high qualifications of IT specialists from Poland come from:

  • About how IT specialists are educated
  • What they specialize in
  • Where they gain experience
  • What kind of employees they are
  • What motivates them at work
  • What their professional expectations are
  • For practical tips on cooperation with Poles

How to find good IT specialists from Poland:

  • Recruitment models that are common in Poland
  • Good practices of companies that recruited specialists from Poland
  • About what to encourage Polish specialists to cooperate
  • What companies are Poles looking for
  • Choosing a Polish partner who will provide IT specialists on request

Seamless cooperation with IT specialists from Poland – how to ensure it:

  • How to minimize formalities in cooperation with specialists from Poland
  • Outsourcing, team leasing, manager services – forms of cooperation with companies hiring IT specialists in Poland
  • Agreement with a Polish outsourcer – key legal issues for a contractor from outside Poland

Main concerns about hiring specialists from Poland

  • But where is Poland … – everything you don’t know about Poland as an attractive destination
  • Qualifications of Polish specialists – how to verify them?
  • Cultural and linguistic differences – do they really exist?
  • No influence on the processes carried out by Poles – how to prevent it?
  • Quality of the outsourcer – is it a professional supplier? How to check it?

Do you have any questions? Write to me!

Anna Frąckowiak

Project Director

Trio Conferences

+48 515 229 803


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RITS (Reylon IT Services) is one of the most dynamically developing IT companies in Poland, which has been operating since 2014. The RITS CENTER team consists of nearly 300 IT specialists in five competence centers in Poland and in Vietnam. It implements IT projects for clients all over the world.



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